Palais des Congrès | Porte Maillot | Paris - France
from April 26th to April 30th 2010
VIIth Congress of the World Association of Psychoanalysis
Semblants and Sinthome
VIIth Congress of the World Association of Psychoanalysis
Texts and papers
* There is no Discourse of the Sinthome
Flory Kruger
* Semblantisation and Nominalism
Jésus Santiago
* From Contingency to the Sinthome
Maria Hortensia Cardenas
* Measuring the True to the Real
Leonardo Gorostiza
* Semblants and sinthome
Mónica Torres
* WAP Congress 26 to 30 april 2010
Eric Laurent - president of the WAP
Something happened during the recent Study Days of the ECF. A new spirit is in the air, a secular Paraclete spirit. Individual enunciation has appeared. We can no longer come together, manifest our being together, our mitsein...
* The outcome of this week’s congress will have changed the face of the WAP
Luis Solano - Congress Director
Less than five months separate us from what, I fervently wish and hope, will be an important WAP Congress. How not to conceive it with the unprecedented opportunity of benefiting from the « Paris Happening» that came at the right...
* Rethinking the WAP Congress based on the Paris Event
Gil Caroz - secretary of the WAP
The renewal of the pact with the unconscious isn’t only an ECF-ian, Franco-Belgian, or European affair. The force of the event that constituted the 38th Study Days of the ECF and their preparation was at the level of a return to Freud...
* Letter to the Members of the WAP
Luis Solano - director of the VIIth Congress of the WAP, 2010
The preparation for the VIIth Congress of the WAP, « Semblants and Sinthome », is now well underway. The Organizing Commission, in place since last June, has already produced some good work...
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Texts and papers
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